How to make Knowledge Process Outsourcing exactly right for you


When a company works with DDC, it is often to reduce operating costs in tandem with objectives like these:

  • Increase competitiveness and market position.
  • Reduce risk associated with current operations and growth.
  • Tighten internal focus on the most specialized tasks.
  • Achieve low-cost expansion of capacity and operating hours.
  • Strengthen resilience against market instability.

We help by taking on specific, outsourced tasks that dovetail with the client’s business bringing dual benefits of:

  1. Greatly reduced process costs; and
  2. Release of internal specialists’ time.

Our approach is consultative. We help our clients understand which tasks are right for outsourcing in line with their objectives, then accompany them on a journey from preparation, to transition, to desired outcome, and on to innovation.

This service is also known as Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), because of the intellectual components involved in the outsourced tasks — we bring industry skills to bear on our solutions, not just well-educated people, so we readily understand what you are asking for.

DDC’s brand of KPO — Smart KPO — is especially helpful because it can be applied to complex situations in many industries, without the client having to revolutionize its processes or infrastructure to accommodate its outsourcing partner’s generic solutions.


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