How to make Knowledge Process Outsourcing exactly right for you


All the things a business does are geared towards successful outcomes: it runs processes designed and honed for success, especially those processes relating to creation of products and services. Every company has its USP, and its processes are uniquely bespoke as a result — no two companies do things exactly the same or command exactly the same kind of expertise as each other.

These so-called business processes are made up of tasks in a workflow; each task is bespoke in itself, relying on the inputs from prior tasks and on the specific knowledge and skills of task specialists. We can really think of everyone in this workflow as an expert.

Smart KPO picks up bespoke, expert tasks for its client’s benefit.

The selected members of the outsourced team are like receptacles for the knowledge they need in order to pick up and master tasks successfully. Knowledge transfer from client to outsourcing partner is an important factor in successful Smart KPO.

Picking up bespoke tasks of unique scope and complexity in a correct and sustainable way requires accurate scoping and documentation and purposeful consultation: DDC supports clients collaboratively to this end to create a solid foundation for Smart KPO.


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