How to make Knowledge Process Outsourcing exactly right for you


Outsourcing is Smart when:

  • It fits with a client’s business plan hand-in-glove — a tailored solution to a unique problem.
  • It connects with a working business process in a seamless way.
  • It combines an appropriate balance of automation and manual intervention for best outcomes.
  • The outsourced team members have the knowledge and skills to make the right decisions, no matter how complex or specialized.
  • The outsourcing partner is fully accountable for what it does on the client’s behalf.
  • Communications are two-way and directed towards protecting the client’s interests.
  • It brings technological innovation and efficiencies to the outsourced tasks.

DDC’s service is geared to being Smart in just these ways, so that benefits are achieved without compromise or undue risk to the client's business.


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