How to make Knowledge Process Outsourcing exactly right for you


If you’ve read DDC’s introduction to Smart KPO, why not start to put this into the context of your own business strategy?

Below are some statements that business managers make or think about. If you or your colleagues think any of them ring true, this may be a timely opportunity for your company to look into Smart KPO.

Do any of these seem true for your company today?


  • We want to increase our competitiveness and market position by becoming more cost efficient and agile.
  • We want to reduce risk associated with our current operations and growth plans.
  • We want to tighten internal focus for our specialists on their most important tasks.
  • We want to achieve low-cost expansion of our capacity and operating hours, making the most of our limited capital for investment.
  • We want to strengthen our resilience against market instability.


  • We need to get higher, more consistent accuracy into our data.
  • We need to launch new services quickly.
  • We need to reduce process duplication across our offices.
  • We need to hit our deadlines more frequently, even during peaks.
  • We need to lower the costs of tasks in our operation.
  • We need to reduce our management and training overheads.
  • We need to address our difficulties recruiting and retaining staff of the right calibre.
  • We need to free up our specialists from mundane tasks so they can focus on their key activities.


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